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Nevada Contractors Financial Statements

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Financial Statements





Contractor Financial Statement Requirements

Nevada contractors must submit a current financial statement with their application for a new license or bid limit increase that meets the following criteria:

  • Corporation, S-Corp or LLC: only one financial statement for the company is required
  • Sole Proprietorships and General Partnerships: A financial statement for the business and a personal financial statement for each of the general partners is required
  • Bid Limit Increases:  The type of financial statement required depends on the bid limit the contractor is applying for.

Types of Financial Statements

Personal Financial Statement

personal financial statement  is a disclosure of all an individual’s assets, liabilities, annual income, and annual expenditures. 

Compiled Financial Statements

Compilation activities are not designed to provide any assurance regarding the information contained within the financial statements.

Reviewed Financial Statements

During a review the accountant obtains limited assurance that there are no material modifications that need to be made to an entity’s financial statements.

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